AppleTV Low Volume to HomePods

Using ATV 17.2 with Original HomePods on 17.1.1

Volume is very low using Infuse. Volume is fine on other apps such as Plex, ATV+ and FuboTV


Same situation here on my setup. Apple TV 4K (3. Gen - 17.4) with two HomePods (1. Gen - 17.4) in theater mode using Infuse 7.7.4.

The sound is very low (especially the voices), so I need to turn up the volume to almost maximum and even then, in some movies, I need to activate volume boost too. I don’t think this is normal. Also no changes if I activate or deactivate settings like „reduce loud sounds“ or „enhance dialogue“ in the ATV settings. Seems like these only work in apps which use the native player.