AppleTV In-App Purchase Not Allowed?

Hey guys,

So I just had the Infuse 6 free version for a few weeks now and decided to upgrade to 6 Pro.
Unfortunately, the Apple TV app is telling me that “In app purchases is not allowed”.

What’s that about and how can I upgrade then?


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If you have the free version you have the option of doing a subscription to pro either monthly, yearly, or lifetime (my pick). If you want to purchase V6 Pro only then you have to do that in the Apple app store and you’ll get all updates for V6.x but if you want future updates you’ll have to purchase V7 pro or do a subscription then.

The Apple app store has 2 seperate versions of Infuse, Infuse 6 Pro and Infuse 6 (free but with the option to subscribe.)

If you do the lifetime subscription in the free you will get ALL future updates to Infuse Pro including V7, V8, etc. at no additional charges.

Here’s a bit more info on this

Thanks NC_Bullseye, I’ve actually read all this before posting.
There’s two issue here…
First, for whatever reason, I get this message that tells me that I cannot upgrade through the app. No matter which plan I choose.
Second, I’m not good with commitment and I don’t like the idea of paying more for less. So for me to pay 29.99 for the Pro app, knowing that the 1-year upgrade is only 9.99 sounds pretty lame.
Especially if I have to pay again for v7, v8, etc. Sure I can avoid upgrading but if the App fails at some point, and forces me to upgrade, then it’s not really fair.

It seems to me that Firecore is trying to force that second option on me.

Is this a regional thing (I’m in Germany) within the app store?

Either way, I need to know the truth before I shell out extra money for less options.

As long as you keep your yearly subscription active and paid for you’ll get all updates including the major one like V7 etc. If you let your subscription lapse then you’ll be reverted to the free version. If you take the lifetime subscription you only pay once and you’re good for all future updates.

If you buy the stand alone pro then you’ll have that version but not the updates to v7 when it’s released and with V7 on the drawing board now a subscription would be the way to go in my opinion.

As to not letting you subscribe that sounds like you may not be authorized for your Apple store account to purchase. You may want to check on the ATV settings to make sure you’re logged into the same account ID for both the Store and iCloud.

If that’s not what’s causing the issue I’ll have to defer to someone else that is more versed in the store than I. :wink:

Ahh, thanks for the heads up.
I previously checked my iTunes and Store account ID, and didn’t see the problem there.
BUT, it never occurred to me to check “restrictions” in the account settings.
Turns out that turned on and “in-app purchases” off.

Thanks for the hint!

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