AppleTV has to be restarted for each use

Since I have installed aTV Flash, my AppleTV is unresponsive after it has been idle for a few hours. I have to restart the device each time we want use it. I have a 2TB WD raid drive set to primary storage. I had been using a 1TB SimpleTech, but I thought maybe the hd was the problem so I switched to the WD. I have installed the latest update (4.1.1) with firmware 3.0.2, but nothing has changed. It seems to work fine once I restart, so I am not sure what the issue is. Any suggestions?

Your issue may be related to the installed version of Sapphire. You may try following the steps in the link below to re-install.

So far so good. I reinstalled Sapphire and ATV has been stable for 24 hours. I will update if anything changes. Thanks for the quick response!