AppleTV freezes at start

I try now, has long been able to strike up a the jailbreak and the ATVblack.dmg. :) Itworks so long before I even take the power away or turn to sleep. Then will not start my AppleTV. :( The AppleTV will run only until the Apple logo and stops. The light flashes slowly. If I perform then boot a new tethered, then it goes back to theAppleTV ATVblack and all apps. But I can not always make a new tethered boatwhen I want to turn my AppleTV. What can I do? Thanks for the help!

Depends on your firmware version.

On this page you can find all relevant information.



NOTE: Currently the jailbreak for the 4.1.1 (iOS 4.2.1) software is 'tethered'. A tethered jailbreak requires the AppleTV to be connected to a computer for a brief moment during startup.



I think the PwnageTool is able to jailbreak the latest firmware version but I'm not totally sure...


Edit: sleep should work! You just shouldn't unplug the power cable...


If I understand correctly now, then I can not disconnect the power cord? Never?What if once the power goes out? I can only use the sleep mode?I use the software verson 4.2.1 (4.1.1) and the current jailbreak and the currentSeas0n therefore surprised me also that I have these problems. What can I do?




Can I get a responce to this issue as well?

I have the same problem everytime i turn off (unplug) the device, it freezes on start up (apple logo screen). Then I have to jailbreak it and install ATV Flash again.

Didn't know this is an issue? Otherwise I would have not paid around $60 for this..

Is there a solution? Thank you in advance.

UNtil there is an untethered jailbreak, you cannot "reboot" or otherwise turn the AppleTV off. SLeep should be fine. If you lose power at your house, unplug the ATV or "reboot" you should open up Seas0nPass and do a tethered boot again. You shouldn't have to re-jailbreak and re-install ATVFLash though

Greenpoisen is an unthered jailbreak.  works great.  use it now.