AppleTV Flash factory restore

Sounding dumb here, but how do you do a factory restore? I have gone through all the options that I can see and do not see anything that talks about factory restore. There was one of the menu items that talked about repairing the ATV, but it does not seem to respond to a click of the remote when chosen. It is like the option is dead. I have done an AppleTV restore before, but not since I updated my ATV to flash. I want to start over with a fresh install but just can’t seem to know where to begin.

Can someone please direct me to the paths I need to follow to get tot the restore option. If I am unable to use that option, is there a hard way to do it?

Apple TV 3.0.2
ATV Flash 4.1.2

Info on performing a Factory Restore on the AppleTV can be seen here: