AppleTV,Emby - sorting and filtering

Another suggestion - there isn’t any option to:

  • filter tv series or movies (let’s say I just want to see movie older than 1980 or I just want to see thrillers…)
  • sort tv shows or movies by tvdb,imdb rating

Is this for Emby only or I just can’t find that option.

Thank you

Infuse has a number of filters available for browsing (works for Emby and most any other saved share type).

These are available when navigating through the Library.

EG Library > Movies > By Genre

Hi, I somehow missed the whole “Library” section. Thank you. It indeed has filters - they are somehow limited for the TV Shows - for example no TVDB/IMDB rating sorting etc.
Is it possible to have filters implemented more practically while in the TV shows and Movies menu - making a filter menu where you can just filter what you want from the whole movie/tv shows database?

This is something we hope to look at for the future, and you can follow this thread for updates.

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