AppleTV Does Not Recognize My Flash Drive


please help. My apple TV does not recognize my USB drive. I have tryed several time, my apple TV Software is Up to date, i try it with several USB stick, but no luck. The apple TV just pass usb stick and starts as usual (when no usb stick inserted).
However the USB stick light is blinkink like it was reading it…

what can I do?

thanks in advance!


well… anybody?

What type of flash drive are you using? Do you have an alternate drive you can try?

I tryed with:
Verbatim StoreNgo 2 and 4gb
Maxell 1 gb
and three others (promo USB keys)

I also have apple shufle (but not the old one which was USB stick), but it only shows in iTunes, and not in OSX finder.

Don’t know any more what to do… I cant spend extra $$$ for buying extended line of USB sticks, just for trying which will be the right one.

Any solution!?

Could that be an apple tv hardware problem that can not boot to a proper USB stick? Are the new apple tv on the market not bootable??? :roll: