AppleTV as a NFS server


I have an external hd attached to my appletv.

I have several other machines that I would like to be able to use the materials on the external hd.

I came across this,

NFS seems to be an easier option than mounting a drive via ssh each time I want to view something and would also allow the movies on the attached hd to be seen by my other appletv.

I do not want to buy anymore equipment and do not want to leave a computer on all the time either.

Has anyone made their atvflash appletv into a NFS server?



Those instructions seemed to be geared towards the 1.0 AppleTV software which is quite old…I’m not sure if the same steps would still apply.

What many people are doing is connecting the external drive to an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule. This is an easy way to turn any hard drive into a network drive that multiple AppleTVs and other devices can access simultaneously.

More info on setting up a share point on the AppleTV can be seen here:


I plugged my USB disk into the timecapsule and but get no where.

I can view the USB disk from my mac but when I try and view it from the NitoTV network it says “socket closed”. I have the disk set to allow guest access and as such have the settings not to require authentication. I have also tried it with authentication too but I figured if it was going to work it would work with guest access first?

Any ideas?


If you want to post or pm your share point settings I can review them for you.