AppleTV 5.0 Screenshots - Feedback Please :-)

Although I do want access to turn menus off. In NZ I don’t really care for MLB

How easy is it to jail break?


Definitely - Option 1.  I’d rather wait for that option which looks a lot nicer!

Maybe there is à posibility, to make the option, to switch off/on menu options. In some countries wont work options or you don’t want to use them. I would be nice, to remove them, by à menu option.

Option 1

#1 and lets get it out asap lol…good work…loving it

Deffo No 1, slick and nice. Keep up the good work.

Option #1 please.

option 1 for my vote


Option 1 for me!

Option 1

Option 1 is the best

Options 1+2. Media player on the top list with recent access and 5 icons per row. In another words, push Settings down. It’s not like a change my settings everyday and need it in the top row.

Having a row with 6 icons is hideous.

I prefer option #1.

Option 1! Can’t wait for the update 8)

Ha! with this kind of response how can you not choose option 1? I think we’re all patient enough to benefit from the convenience of the top left access to our media.

That’s an excellent point.

Additionally, even in the US where we have all five menus, it’s possible to hide two of them (TV Shows and Music) using the normal AppleTV Parental Controls.

Please leave space for xbmc icon , allow hide/unhide native icons as ‘‘tv shows’’ ‘‘music’’ is not needed when ‘‘media’’  is so good.

I vote for Option 1

Option 1 - I’d rather keep the top shelf stuff than have a screen full of icons, is there any way to turn off things like the WSJ and baseball icons?

Totally agree!