AppleTV 5.0 Screenshots - Feedback Please :-)

Option 1 !!! looks good and faster sounds good :wink:

Option 1.

Looking forward to it! :slight_smile:

Option 1.  Like the look and I am in no hurry to upgrade.

Option 1,


Without a doubt the better solution, you just have to work faster James :wink:

I like the way Option 1 looks better but to be honest I would rather the speedier the better for the first release. I don’t use the Media option all that often so to me I would rather the product come out quicker than wait for a solid looking Media menu. Thanks for your hard work!  :slight_smile:

option 2 faster and clean… 

Definitely Option 1

Option 1: Adding a 6th icon is WAY more convenient since it will be virtually the only option I use, but it looks kinda bad.

Option 2: Scrolling down sure makes the integration better and really isn’t a problem being that it’s just an extra click or two.

My vote is for Option 1, unless the time required to do it compared with option 2 is ridiculously not worth it.

As others have said option 2 is cleaner and more consistent. I definitely like it better and I don’t mind not having access to the top shelf, I rarely use it for practical purposes. Philosophically I prefer Media to be at the same level as any other app, as Netflix or Youtube. Option 1 looks like those weird jailbreak hacks that temper with Apple’s layout.

i vote for #1 -> looks “GEIL”

But if it delays a release significantly (more than one week or so) then do #2 now and #1 later.


As always many thanks for FireCore’s truly awesome efforts…

Has to be option 1, just looks slicker

Option 1 - add extra icon to top row

Agreed. However the iPad itself has 4 icons across, even though the dock allows for 6. Visually, Option 1 would be similar to the iPad.

I would opt for option 3. Drop the Settings tile down a level (if possible). Boost Media as in option 1. Five icons in a pretty row.

i would really want to see option 1


it looks pretty nice :slight_smile: please make option 1, option 2 isn’t feeling so native i think and option 1 is for me really much better than option 2… even if we have to wait a little bit longer :slight_smile:


I definitely prefer this to option 1 if 2 is not possible at all.

#1. Like to keep it as close to original as possible.

Option 1 looks far more slick. Especially with the top toolbar/menu available in the option1b image.

It would be great if you could make the media Top Shelf the default instead of the iTunes Store.

Option 1 , with the option to hide all the netflix NBL etc please


Or is it possible to use the menu skins  from version 4?


I am liking option 2 myself.but as long as I can access my NAS who cares what it looks like.

I am pretty sure if you selected one and didn’t post this no one would of minded which option you guys picked