AppleTV 5.0 Screenshots - Feedback Please :-)

Hey folks, we've made some great strides with the new 5.0 (iOS 5.1) software and wanted to share a bit of of our progress with you. Additionally, we're looking at a few options for integrating aTV Flash (black) into the new menu layout, and would love to have your feedback.

Take a look at the two options below, and feel free to sound off in the comments.

Option 1 - add extra icon to top row



  • Access to recently played items in Top Shelf
  • Media is always visible in menu
  • Quicker navigation
  • Seamless integration with the new UI


  • Deviates slightly from native layout by adding an extra icon to top row
  • Requires a bit more time to integrate

Update: The number of top row icons can be reduced by disabling either the TV Shows or Music menus through the Parental Controls menu

Option 2 - add icon to lower section



  • Maintains native layout with 5 icons per row
  • Requires less time to integrate


  • Media is buried below other icons
  • No Top Shelf access
  • Inconvenient navigation

(Note: The choice of option #1 applies to the Media menu only - all other items (Couch Surfer,, Weather, etc...) will be displayed as described under option #2)

Thanks! :)

Update: Thanks to those who chimed in. Screenshots of the final layout can be seen on our blog here.

Option 1 feels far slicker. As I see Media Player as the option I will select the majority of the time having fast access to it seems a sensible idea.

I am sticking with option 1a too… looks very nice!

I think option 1 for sure. Media player is what the majority of us use on a daily basis and make far more since to have the top layout. Keep up the good work

Option #1 seems like the best long term, and most impressive.

Agreed - Option 1 is the best implementation - We can wait.

For additional options in row 2+, will we have a way to customize the layout at all?

Count me in for option 1. Very slick.

Definitely Option 1 looks much better :slight_smile: I’m not saying that Option 2 is bad, but the first is better:) I can’t wait for it! You guys are awesome!

Option #2 is more stylish cause of the native layout with 5 icons.

it’s a pity that top shelf access in unavailable but i can live with that.


keep up the good work 8)

option 1 !!!

Liked option 1 as well, although I use PLEX a lot so would be using within option 2 anyway

Option 1 for sure.  Wouldn’t  a poll work better?

if it means a delay in rolling out a 5.0-compatable version, i say go with option #2 and try for option #1 later … 


is it possible to move Settings down to the next row and adjust the other icons accordingly or do you have access to do that?  it’d be great, too, if i could hide buttons that i never use like WSJ and the sports stuff … that could/would allow more space, too … though obviously it depends how iOS does the layout of the buttons … whether things are statically-positioned or whether they’re allowed to “flow” to the next line (and i know nothing at all about iOS development!) :slight_smile:

although Option 2 does maintain the native 5 item layout whick looks slick too! Lol. That would be the least disruptive option for sure. Maybe do that first (since it’s easier to integrate) and then release in a next version if needed?

Option 2 looks better to me. I don’t like the skewed menus of option 1 with 6 vs 5 buttons. Option 2 is more consistent.

Option 1. Looking good!!!

Option 1 - I hate losing the 5 across.  It looks less polished.  But for top-shelf convenience it would be my preference.  I want to access my content first. 


Option 2 - looks great, fits better with the new UI format.  But I would hate to have to scroll down each time I wanted my content.  


Option 1 definetly

Definitely option 1! Way better/faster access.

In german localization it even fits perfectly, filling the fifth icon place, since we don’t get TV shows from the iTunes Store. :wink: