AppleTV 4 K and caching covers

I have Infuse 6.4.3 pro installed into my AppleTV 4k;
My movies are stored in my NAS (Synology 216Play) in the network;

When browsing my movies collection, I have to wait to see all my covers;
After browsing it from top to bottom multiple time, Ok, all covers seems to be visible but the next day, I have to redo …
Not really confortable :wink:

Something I miss on the setup?



Do you know how you are connecting to your NAS? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

You can check the connection type in Infuse > Settings > Shares > Share Name > Edit.

Hi James,
Thanks for answering.


Got it.

What happens with UPnP/DLNA shares is the server provides a list of files to Infuse, instead of allowing for direct file access. This means that at times the server will decide to reshuffle things, and this will cause Infuse to think some files are new when in fact they have just been renamed.

To avoid this, you may look at connecting using a direct method like SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV. With these connection types, Infuse will have direct access to the files and should be available to avoid this unnecessary re-fetching.

Tanks, I will test it asap.
Best regards


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