AppleTV 2 Just Delivered --> Need Direction


So I just received my AppleTV 2 and I’m finding it very difficult to find some answers (most forum posts seem to be updated/missing information). Hoping someone can help me answer a few questions:

(My AppleTV 2 came fresh out of the box with OS Build 4.1)

  1. I read somewhere that builds prior to 4.3 are superior in performance when running XBMC than any other build version. Is this still correct? Do the features of an up to date AppleTV outweigh performance issues?


  1. Is there a way to update from 4.1 to 4.3 currently?


  1. If I wanted to compare performance for myself, as long as I save my SHSH blob from 4.1 I can safely update to the latest firmware, jailbreak, and if I am unhappy can safely downgrade back to 4.1. Is this statement true?


For what it’s worth, I will mainly be using Netflix, XBMC, and watching movies from a NAS. 


Looking forward to anyone’s help :slight_smile:

You will not directly be able to upgrade to 4.3 (you may be able to using this method but no guarantee: 

Thanks for the link. Is it worth going this route or should I just get the latest build. Seeing as there have been a few Netflix fixes?