AppleTV 2.3 & SMB issues


Today i received my AppleTV preinstalled SW V. 2.2.
If I update to 2.3 nothing is really working anymore if after I applied the ATVFlash patch newest version.

XMBC is not starting at all.
THere is no chance to mount any network drive via SMB.

So for what did I pay?

I thought you guys are the first ones to support Version 2.3 of the Apple TV. IS there something I missed?



After reinstalling the latest aTV Flash, did you see the install scripts on the screen, and does the ATV menu show the latest aTV Flash version?
Mine is working fine under the latest Apple TV OS and aTV Flash version, but it did take some work.
Did you drag an OSX disk image into the ATV using an FTP/SSH utility like Fugu or Cyberduck and did everything ever work right under older software versions? Did you go thru the complete installation instructions?
Also, did you “update” the aTV apps after the installation using both the xmbc and boxee updater as well as smart install under Nito/DVD?
Remember, the aTV Flashstick lays the “groundwork” for the basic underlying hacks. You still need to install the OSX Image and update the other components for it to work.
“Are you a hacker or a slacker?”

Hi Drshame,

I think I am more a slacker than a hacker :wink:

I didn´t have a previous version of atvFlash. I just got my Apple TV 2 days ago.

Maybe the problem is that there is no step by step instruction for a proper installation or did I miss this as well?

Do you maybe have a pdf for me showing all the steps i have to do.
What I did:

  1. updated the Apple TV to Version 2.3
  2. Patched Apple TV with the newest version of atvFalsh (Version number was the correct one)
  3. Uploaded the OSX File via cyberduck to the apple TV. Smart Installer was running and installed some stuff. Don´t one what.
  4. Updated all installed versions which I found :wink:

After that I found out

  1. THat I was not able to setup an SMB connection to my LinkStation Quad (with integrated media server)
  2. THat XMBC was not starting.
  3. If I try to search for TV SHows the Apple TV reboots

    In the end there are more things not working than things working. So I am not really happy.

The installation went through without any problems.

So any idea what I did wrong?

Jambaleia, I emailed you directly, via this Forum, with some details about making an SMB connection. Did you see that and did you try them? Many of us have had to figure out some of the details on our own but we are on this forum to help others, as well as get answers to question. Let me know if you got the email (check your user Control Panel) and if there was anything useful in the specifics of creating an SMB (or AFP) share.

I was using the wrong parameters for awhile and thought the ATVFlash was working. It was and as with any software, since they are using other supplied programs, like NitoTV, we have to live with it if we want the benefits.

I think they can be faulted for not having step by step instructions.

See if the following helps;;

Hi drm0223

I didn´t get your message. Could you please try again or just use my email address. I will send you the email address via private message here.


I tried to change some settings but without success.

I get the following error:

mount_smbfs: mount error./mnt/Scratch/Volumes/video: syserr = Resource busy

Any idea?

The smb is working fine under Mac and with PS3 as well as a Buffalo Media Center.

So in cannot be the LinkStation…??

Ok and now it is getting funny.

If I connect to my ATV via Cyberduck go to movies folder I see a folder called video. THis folder is my SMB share on my link station. If I now start do digg deeper i cann access the link station via the atv ftp connection!!! Now I am really confused…

Nobody here who can help? ;(

That is really something I am not happy about. If you check other posting the only thing ATVFlash is linking to is the how to how to enable SMB mount. But this is not working at all.

So I really would like to get someone from ATVFlash here to reply to the problems.

Thank you


I did, this thread was getting off topic and I didn’t feel that the added comments by other users had any technical additions to the thread. This thread started to become a place for other users to complain and that is considered a Lounge area. I had three choices here:

  1. Delete the posts that didn’t add to the thread and piss off the people who already are pissed off about the product.
  2. Move the thread so it could continue as a “I hate aTV Flash” thread to let users complain.
  3. Leave it where it is and take the chance that more pissed off users would continue to post in a place where it doesn’t belong.

After thinking it over, I’ll change my stance on this thread, I’m going to change the name of the thread, move it to where it should be and delete the posts that don’t belong here. In the process I guess I’ll just piss more people off though. Unfortunately as the moderator here I have to keep some sort of handle on the threads so they don’t get off topic. As for your problems with aTV Flash I would help you if I could, but I can’t help everyone with every problem as I don’t have experience with some of the things that other want to do with their Apple TV. I help where I can, but my main job function is forum moderation. It was not my intention to “hide” the thread and I apologize for that.

Hi Madcran,

Thanks for your reply.

But to be honest. We are not discussing “a problem” here. The specs are telling that a connection to an SMB share is possible and if you go through a lot of posts here in the forum this is not working for a lot of people. So I wouldn´t say it is just a problem with ATVFlash

If you are not able to provide support who can? Because ATVFlash also states that with the 50 Dollar you get access to a support forum!?!? Where is this support forum where I can post something and someone is checking it?

There are two ways to get support, you can post a question here and either myself or aTV Flash will answer it or you can contact aTV Flash directly but using the contact page:

The main reason I said I couldn’t help you is because I don’t have a LinkStation, but let me see about setting up a SMB share and connecting via XBMC and I’ll let you know what happens.

Hi Madcran

THe connection via XMBC is working. The connection via NitoTV is not working. And I would say it has nothing to do with the link station it self.

I don´t know what I did but today I found under “nito TV --> files --> my SMB share”!!

The problem I am focussing now is that the movies are played but not really good. That means that I have lags. Is that normal? Does that has something to do with the avi file? Is that a streaming problem?

My setup is a GIGA network cable (CAT5) through the whole appartement. So it should be a speed issue. The server which is my SMB share a giga connection as well.

Any ideas?