AppleTV 2.2

I just wanted to pose that I restored my AppleTV to 2.2 as Apple released the update today. I am not going to install the latest aTV Flash and see if it works. I’ll keep you updated. :?

Okay first try I have an Apple logo that goes away and comes back. It is in an infinite loop for now. I am going to restore it again and try a second time sometime tonight. I was having problems with my HDMI switch so I accidentally ran the patch a couple times not knowing it, so I will try again later. My recommendation is to wait until people say yes. If there are some brave people out there, you can try it, but be warned.

it bricked mine as well. i tried installing the patchstick twice and had it happen both times, just incase it was my fault.

Alright then. I restored my AppleTV to 1.0 and then updated to 2.2 and ran the patch (erased the flash drive and installed the patch again on the drive) and I am still just getting the Apple logo after the AppleTV movie intro. My advise is to not update to 2.2 at all until the developer has a new version.

Okay, I’ve narrowed it down to ATVFiles. I’m going to restore again, update, and recreate the patch without ATVFiles and see what happens. Wish me luck.

Issues I have noticed:

When ATVFiles are not installed, Sapphire crashes and tells me to reboot.
Even after running ATVFiles installer from awkwardTV, still will not boot to main window unless ATVFiles.frappliance is moved out of Finder PlugIns folder.

(Will add more later when I find out other possible issues with 2.2.)

didn’t know ATV’s latest update was 2.2, so tried it with 3.3.1, no luck, Ikeep getting the APple log over and over again …

We’ll just have to wait for a newer version to patch the current 2.2 version of ATV

For the rest : great product, glad that I’ve bought it :slight_smile:

Silly question, probably answered elsewhere although a quick peruse isn’t showing anything…

Trying to update to 2.2 and I get “Apple TV can’t check right now. Try again later.” Reading through this thread, it looks like I have to do a factory restore first? Didn’t think that was required…

Another silly question – while I assume a factory restore will require me to resync all my iTunes media, will I also have to manually FTP my non-iTunes-managed media?

No big deal if I have to do a restore–my Apple TV has been acting very weird lately anyway. The animation of the “now playing” screen has been choppy and flickery, and my Apple TV reboots itself a few times a week.

Announcement regarding 2.2 has been posted.