Apple's Home Sharing vs. Infuse: Playback Quality?

I’ve been using Apple TV’s built-in home sharing app for years now to watch movies. I’d love to start using Infuse for the grid interface and metadata fetching. I’m curious as to how the playback (audio and video) quality compares between both apps. Is there any compression when streaming? I’ve noticed Infuse take just a little bit longer to start a movie… Has anyone noticed a different in quality?

Also, when I import a movie into iTunes, does iTunes compress the movie? Should I avoid doing that I just point to the original file?

Are there any benefits to using Apple’s built-in home sharing over Infuse?

Infuse and iTunes should give you the same quality in terms of video. Neither is compressing at any point. When you import to iTunes it does nothing to the file but copy to iTunes folder. Since home sharing is baked in to iTunes and Apple TV it is probably faster. Some of the many advantages of infuse over iTunes it’s that it can play videos that you can’t play over home sharing (avi) as well as higher quality audio and DTS. Home sharing will be limited to just Dolby.