AppleID switch

Would it be possible to have a fast way to switch from one AppleID to another without having to go through settings and manually enter mail and password?

It would be useful in my case in order to be able to easily switch from the US store to another one, and also so that my bro won't have the excuse of it being too painful a process to buy shows with HIS own money!!

** Work Around **


If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, you can use the Apple Remote App to navigate & use the keyboard on the iPod/iPhone device rather than use the ATV remote - it's very handy


Just launch the app, find your Apple TV - pair them up - and you are away - typing in email & passwords can take just a second or two (and you can also cut & paste)


The remote app is a brilliant extension for Apple TV, well worth the price... it's FREE!! 8)