Apple Vision Pro releasing on 2/2/24

Vision Pro pre-orders start 01/19 and ships 02/02.
Will Infuse be available for AVP on day one?

Day one of the release of Infuse supporting AVP. :wink:

When ever that comes. I imagine that it will be a pretty major undertaking and not cheap to get developer units. The to program in a new OS will probably take a while.

Don’t you guys have already developer units?

Based on history, Infuse never has OS launch day features available and generally saves future releases for even just building with the new PDKs, let alone adding new features. But if they do want to attract some new customers, it would be good to have it available soon. They are quite busy with other development now and I imagine they will get to it when they can. Also remember that they are a much smaller team compared to other apps like Plex

Honestly, the only reason I’m thinking in getting the AVP is to watch movies in an immersive environment, in HDR.
I’m sure Skybox (popular on Quest) will be available, but Infuse plays nice with Apple’s echosystem.
In any case, here is some Skybox porting code to AVP

Edit: After re-reading, this seems to have nothing to do with the Skybox app, still it is interesting to read if you’re into coding.

We have made some good progress on getting the foundations of Infuse ready for AVP, but there is a fair amount of UI work still to do to ensure a great experience. Apple made very few developer kits available, and sadly we were not one of the chosen few which definitely makes things more challenging. :confused:

Apple is making the all iPad version of all apps available for AVP (unless developers opt-out), so a version of Infuse should be usable on day one - albeit with some limitations.

We’re excited about AVP, and will be working to deliver an exceptional Infuse experience for this new hardware in 2024.


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Thanks James. But have y’all confirmed that Infuse will run as is by trying it in the VisionOS simulator?

Yes, but using it on the actual hardware could be a very different experience. :slightly_smiling_face:

Certainly… no simulator is perfect so no guarantees. But did it at least suggest that users of Infuse would likely find it usable even if not what you’d eventually want? Or was some of the functionality so impaired that it likely wouldn’t be usable?

I believe it will be ‘usable’ but there are a lot of unknowns with regard to things like menu and playback control with vision tracked interactions compared to a tap or mouse-click interaction, which is pretty much what you are limited to in the simulator.

What we will probably end up doing is making a TestFlight version of the app (which has been partially optimized for AVP) available to early adopters of AVP, which will likely be better than the straight iPad version. This would of course improve over time, and getting feedback from real users would also help us with development.


Oh… very cool. That sounds like an excellent plan to move it forward as quickly as possible. Thanks again for giving us some idea of what an early adopter might expect.

Feel free to like my post on Macrumors. Hope it was accurate what I said. Free publicity :slight_smile:

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Let’s go! :rocket:


Oh, boy.

… and there goes all hope for continued development of 2D Infuse (or perhaps all Infuse) for the next few weeks while James becomes consumed playing with his fancy new toy :joy:.

Congrats. :slight_smile:

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Just pre-ordered as well!
Ready for TestFlight!! :grinning:

Naaaa, James will become the ghost in the machine. Once he gets the development apps on the AVP they will be one.



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Got my order placed for Feb 2nd today! Very excited. I requested to join the TestFlight and got approved. Am I right in assuming it will just be a part of that TestFlight and not a special Vision Pro focused one?