Apple Vision Pro beta testing

Emails haven’t gone out yet, but soon! :slight_smile:


There’s that word again :wink:

Better than “reconsidered” :rofl:

On the larger platforms, Apple reviews TestFlight builds in about a day. We’ll have to see if the same applies to visionOS. :crossed_fingers:

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Not sure if you want to talk about it just yet, but I’m really curious how Vision OS changes how audio is handled? Do you spend Spatial Audio and it mixes it in with the rest of the environment? Does it help the limitations around TrueHD+Atmos or Spatial Audio to AirPods?


Have invites gone out? I haven’t received one.

They have. Maybe check spam?

If you are already a beta tester, the app may already be available to you in TestFlight on AVP.

I got my invite but I was already a tester of the iOS version. Do I need to leave the iOS beta for the Vision beta? When accepting the invite it says there is an error.

That was it. Shows up as an extra tab on the iOS version if you open TestFlight on VisionOS.

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Weird I’m not seeing it with the existing TestFlight for 7.7 and the invite generates an error.

Just to make sure. If you open the VisionOS TestFlight and go to the iOS version of Infuse you should have a tab at the top to swap between the iOS and VisionOS versions.

Pretty pretty please @james would love to be included in the version 8 testing. Thank you in advance.

Well I can now personally confirm that the Vision Pro pre-alpha app definitely works well enough for certain activities, especially when Loop Video is selected.


Sadly I can’t log into Plex in the Vision Pro beta

Is there a way to use premium features with this TestFlight? I can’t restore the purchase.

Yes. Make the purchase again in the app, it won’t actually charge. Or read the first post and follow those directions.

Another round of TestFlight invites have been sent out.

Moving forward, invites for new signups will be sent out once a week on Fridays.

Happy testing! :slight_smile: