Apple Vision Pro beta testing

for environments I don’t really view any of them as being ideal for movie watching. The gimmicky ones from Disney are neat I guess, but it’s just full of distractions. the apple
“theater” one is better, but the content still lights up the surroundings, not to mention it only goes on the opposite wall.

I’ve been using the system level environments, mostly the moon at night option. cause in those you can place the content like and angle it down so I can just lean back and rest my head on the chair/couch/etc.

I just wish there was actually a void environment with no distractions, I don’t want fake seats in front of me lighting up, or reflections on the floor etc, there’s no reason imo to recreate the downsides of the real world inside this virtual one, we can have an actually ideal movie watching environment. So, id vote for a void environment from Infuse since there isn’t a system level one, and hopefully we could put the content in any location/angle we want in there.


The issue with the system-level ones is that you can’t scale up a normal window to the size you can achieve with the theater environments. And being surrounded by darkness without the ambient light spill gives you terrible glare on the lenses from any bright areas in your content.

To me, the AppleTV theater is the ideal solution. It’s not distracting, it makes you feel like you’re in a physical space without getting too skeuomorphic about it, the position is adjustable and the screen can absolutely fill your peripheral. I see no reason not to include a completely void environment as an option, but I don’t think it’s the best option based on my experience so far. If it were the only option available, I think I’d opt for not using one at all.

This is where I think the AppleTV+ Theater scene has the right idea. It’s a fully greyscale, dark theater where you can choose your seat.

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The glare is still there with brighter environments, it’s just less noticeable in a way cause there’s more of it. I prefer to have the darkest environments possible even if it leads to somewhat more distraction specific scenarios, because it allows for the best clarity when the content is dark. watching Avatar 2 in HFR 3D on Disney plus, during all of the darker nighttime and cave type scenes without highlights was stunning. I really wish there was more they could do about the glare, but it seems to just be physics, its really hard to put very bright stuff so close to lenses and not get glare.

I do agree with apple TV one is best though, but I dislike not being able to lean back and have the content up above me.

I also don’t care as much about the absolute size of the content in those environments, you can reach similar sizes in field of view terms in the standard environments, I usually don’t even place the content as far away from me as it will allow.

I just know that watching TV on the moon with the nighttime setting has glaring that is so distracting, I can barely watch it. I was honestly considering returning the AVP.

But turning on a daytime environment completely fixed it. The glare may have been there, but I didn’t notice it, and so it was not distracting.

But watching the same content in the AppleTV app (I purchased an episode just to test this) gave me the dark setting I preferred while also eliminating the distracting glare. And it was WAY larger than I can size a Plex or Infuse window.

As far as being able to lean back… I’ll need to test when I get home, you can lean back to your preferred position and then hold down the Digital Crown to re-center your view… and that SHOULD align the theater setting to your viewpoint. I haven’t done that in that app, but I can’t imagine that it’s permanently aligned to gravitational coordinates. That seems un-Apple-like from an accessibility standpoint alone.

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It would be great if they let you control the brightness of the environment, not just full bright or full dark

@james just submitted the form to try this. Can’t wait to start testing! I got my VP on launch day and have been already loving using the iPad app on it.

I’ve been doing some testing and comparing using the Infuse iPad version on AVP.
I compared playing back an ISO of UHD Blade Runner, against a version I own on iTunes, also UHD and HDR.
Infuse iPad cannot play UHD since it’s limited to the iPad screen size, and also, it cannot play HDR. I noticed the difference between both in terms of dynamic range, is like when you’re watching in the Apple Theater, but with information in front of the screen, like when you activate to choose an option like seating for example, the picture dims when you have pop-overs. After you close that then it goes back to full luminosity. Thats the best I can describe the dynamic range on Infuse iPad.
Not that I’m expecting it to work flawlessly, I’m grateful it is there, but I was reading some comments saying they’re excited to play 4K HDR in Infuse iPad, unfortuatelly it doesn’t look like it.
But for HD SDR is great right now.

I would love Infuse to support 3D movies natively. But super excited.

Nice plug from 9to5


Completely agree. The AppleTV app nailed the theater mode. Please implement something similar or better, Firecore! Thanks a million!

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Super excited for an Apple Vision Pro version. In preparation, I am setting up my plex library to include some 3D movies! Are there any plans to support this via Infuse? I would hope that apple has made some public APIs available for this, considering their Apple TV+ app is able to display 3D movies now. Seems like a first for Apple, too, since the Apple TV itself wouldn’t support 3D before.

The main issue with 3D movies hosted in Plex is going to be the file formats. Apple uses a new format for 3D video, and doesn’t seem to have support for the older types built in. So it may take a bit for developers to make solutions for it.

Well one tool that can be used to generate Vision Pro compatible 3D video is this utility for Apple Silicon Macs:

You would have to first split the source 3D video into two 2D videos, one for the left eye and one for the right eye, then use SpatialMediaKit to stitch them back up into an MV-HEVC video track, then multiplex that video track with your audio, subtitles/captions, and/or metadata.

Have invites gone out for this yet? I filled out the form a few days ago, just wondering if I missed the initial wave…

I don’t believe so. I know they said they wanted to get 7.7 out the door before really digging into Vision Pro.

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Yeah makes a ton of sense. Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:



Excited for those invites to roll out and play around with this. Excited to see and hear details!

Be still my beating heart!

@James — I haven’t received word of being accepted into the VisionPro test flight, though I’ve filled out the form (a couple times, actually)…