Apple Vision Pro beta testing

Yes. The iPad app seems to work.

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Just unboxed mine and it’s pretty neat.

Writing this from AVP



Infuse on Apple Vision Pro will be crazyyy…

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Hey James, I signed up for the beta testing the day you posted this and uploaded my receipt and everything but I can’t see anything that’s giving me access in TestFlight. Am I missing a step?

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We don’t have a native app ready to test yet, but you can download the iPad version of Infuse from the App Store which works pretty well.


Well, that makes sense then. When you get your native app up and running, do you plan on having a cinema mode similar to the Apple TV app? Because that’s the one thing that I am really really needing.


Since @james has the Apple Vision Pro I know the Infuse app on it will be amazing, just waiting patiently for that

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I could say the same about this one. I responded because this is a friendly civil place and I didn’t want you or other people who may be new here to believe otherwise. I’m sorry you’re not feeling it. Blue skies.

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Did you need to order corrective lenses with yours, or are you blessed with well shaped peepers?

Would absolutely like to +100 this one! The AppleTV+ movie theatre looks like the perfect environment to watch movies. I’m a bit mad it can’t be used in all streaming apps and we def need something like this for our Plex content. :slight_smile:

@james do you think it will be hard to create environments like this? I assume 3D environments isn’t really something that you guys ever had to create before?

A suggestion for when the native Vision Pro app becomes available, adding support for content aspect ratios and cropping black bars would be amazing. The Apple TV app includes the support, but other streaming services do not.

I second the suggestion.

Beta iPad version works well, will be even better when you integrate the different environments (or make your own) and figure out 3D playback.

But for now, I can watch 4K HDR/DV in Joshua Tree on a massive floating screen!


I m French so no Vision Pro for us until….?
But yes :+1:t2: the Infuse app will be perhaps the MAJOR reason i will buy it !
Thanks FIRECORE ! Thanks !!:pray:

yeah it works well, main thing missing is to be able to play my own 3D movies

I’m looking forward to beta testing the AVP version of Infuse!

Also, thanks so much for enabling the iPad version on Infuse, it works really well and will hold me over pending the AVP version.

Best of luck with the launch!

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I’m happy the iPad version is available for now, but I am also happy that a native app is forthcoming. The image quality really isn’t there, and I think its due to the files being rendered at a maximum of the resolution of the iPad screens, and then scaled up to whatever res you are viewing them in visionOS. Because the native 4k content from Disney+ or Apple TV+ all look pretty great in comparison.

Do we know any timeline at all when we could reasonably expect a beta of the visionOS app? Even if it’s still rudimentary/rough around the edges? This is the app I’m most looking forward to getting a native app of. (Close second is moonlight)

Keep an eye on this thread. Infuse doesn’t give too many dates as they are constantly changing and priorities sometimes change.

After spending the weekend with the Vision Pro the device definitely needs a native movie player app with the environments (for downloaded/networked movies). I don’t know if Infuse is looking to do so, but watching movies on a 100+ft screen in the Disney theater is awesome and it would be great to have a similar movie theater experience for downloaded movies.