Apple Vision Pro beta testing

Update 7/12/24: The public beta of Infuse for Apple Vision Pro is now available

We’re very excited about Apple Vision Pro, and are working to deliver an exceptional Infuse experience for this new hardware in 2024! :raised_hands:

As we work towards this goal we are inviting early adopters of Apple Vision Pro to follow along with our progress and provide feedback.

Early visionOS builds will be largely based on the iPad version of Infuse, and will be very much a work-in-progress with plenty of bugs and quirks. Of course, things will be refined over time as development progresses.

If this sounds like your cup of tea then please feel free to sign up for TestFlight below.


Hi @james for the receipt we just have to take a screenshot of the “recent purchased” list on that Apple link, right? Cause I’m not finding an actual receipt for my pro purchase.

That may just show the free Infuse app download. You should be able to find a record of all your past purchases by following these steps.

When should I expect some reply on whether I am accepted? I submitted on Monday, 22Jan using the order details on iPhone:

Also, all of the Pro subscriptions start with a 1 month free period. So, will an email receipt from a new Yearly subscription, like section below, be acceptable? if so, I could resubmit. It’s just not clear exactly what is expected with no feedback.

Yes, that should be fine to apply with.

We expect to have an early beta for Apple Vision Pro in the coming weeks, and you’ll get a note once that is available.

Note: I removed your images, just for privacy reasons.

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Sounds great, looking forward to testing it out!

Hi, @James — looking forward to testing InFuse with the Vision Pro. Curious if you had an approximate date as to when TestFlight applications will be accepted and you’ll have a beta available? I’m sure you’re wanting to get your hands on the device first (don’t blame you there…), but hopefully we’ll be able to see a visionOS-native version so after. Seriously, InFuse for visionOS is the number one reason I’m getting the Vision Pro

Cheers — and thanks for all you do.

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Sorry to @ you sir, but i wanted to make sure i followed all the directions.

i filled out a form – got access to this website (obviously). is there anything else i need to do to be considered for the beta for this product?

Be patient :slight_smile:
TestFlight access emails goes out on Friday although it might still be a while before we see visionOS testing. May not be until after 7.7 is released


hi, thank you for your input.

however, im not being impatient. i am merely asking the mod/staffer if i had done all the steps. nothing in my post suggests haste –

There really isn’t enough time to check every individual submission for correctness. If you followed the instructions and provided all of the correct information you will get an invite to testflight that as @munpip214 said, are mailed out usually on Fridays.

If you haven’t seen anything by Friday or Saturday then you should first check your spam folder for the email (some email clients dump the invite into spam) and if not there check the thread to see if by chance the invites didn’t go out.

appreciate your willingness to help me.

this is my first time on this site but i have been an ifuse user for years.

I did not ask if my submission was going to be individually checked for any errors or corrections – all i wanted to know was confirmation that i completed all the steps. a simple yes or no would have been just fine without all the extra commentary.

consider my query answered. thank you.

Friend, no one was attacking you … clearly something was lost in translation. Perhaps the “be patient” … I’m certain no offense was intended by that.

As for “all the extra commentary” — messages from the forum moderator almost always strike me as being clear and concise not only to assist the person he’s responding to but also for the benefit of anyone else visiting the forum who may have the same (or similar question) — thus his thorough explanations with relevant context.

Welcome to the forum. There’s a lot of helpful people here; and kind answers to every question you might have — at least, they’ve had the answers to all the questions I’ve had, over my two or three years hanging out here.

Even if, unfortunately, that answer sometimes winds up being “only the gods know” … when the question in question is the forum favorite: “When will Firecore finally add [feature] to Infuse?”.

Well if you followed the steps AND that included sending a receipt for a Lifetime or yearly subscription (rather than a monthly subscription) then you should be golden when the next batch of invites go out Friday/Saturday.

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with all due respect, why did you feel the need to respond? your post is superfluous. I was not directing my responses to you and don’t need you to explain anything to me.

as stated I already received my answer and am satisfied. we are now clogging up this thread with posts that have nothing to do with the topic.

if you feel you need to address off topic banter to me, feel free to send me a DM and we can discuss, otherwise, thank you to all who stepped in to attempt to help, its much appreciated.

As a very long time Infuse user and supporter, I just want to say thanks for getting on the Vision Pro support so fast! I think Infuse ought to be one of my most used apps on Vision Pro, specially in the beginning. Looking forward to the TestFlight when you guys release it.

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We don’t yet have a date for when visionOS testing will begin, but this will definitely be after the release of 7.7.

You can follow this thread for updates on 7.7.

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Submitted my receipt. Stoked to try this! Will the iPad version run on AVP? Literally boarding a plane tomorrow after picking mine up from the Apple Store. Haha!

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It should. They didn’t disable it like Netflix or YouTube

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