apple update lost firecore menu's

I have successfully been running aTV Flash (black) beta 7 and yesterday an apple tv update was performed. I again jailbreaked it and I have tried reinstalling the beta 7 version again, however I am unable to as there is a new version out. Now all I have are the menu options Movies, Internet, Computers and Settings i.e no maintainance, etc… however what I also have is a red firecore logo in the bottom right hand side on each of menu options exceot for Settings. I am assuming that firecore is present there somewhere, but I just cannot access it? I have also noticed that there is an option for Vimeo which I dont believe I had previously?

To add to the complication, I created an account ages ago with an old work email address which I can no longer use and cannot remember the password for it, hence having to create a new account which will last a life time.

Please help


After re-jailbreaking you will need to run the aTV Flash (black) installer from your Mac/PC to re-install aTV Flash (black).

The red FC logo simply confirms the AppleTV has been jailbroken.

James’s, thats what I did try to do, however I was prompted with an error message stating that I no internet accecss or I had an old version and I needed to download a newer version. Two things with this, I lost the menu’s so cannot access the upgrade option and I cannot access my old Firecore account anymore. This is due to losing my old email address (previous employment) and password. It seems my only option is to make another purchase, however I am not comfortable about this as I already paid for the beta 7 version, expecting to be able to easily upgrade to a newer version - which was unsuccessful…

If you can help based on my situation, I be most appricative.


If you can email us with your order details we’ll get your accounts updated and/or merged so you can access your original purchase.

James, I’d happily provide them, however I dont have anything as it was all in my work address which I dont have access to any more i.e all emails etc… are basically ‘lost’


If you can send in something, name, old email address, approximate order date, etc… we should be able to locate the order.

James thank you. I cannot  provide the email address due to security reasons. I will attempt to locate any other details to help locate the transaction. Wish me luck.