Apple Tv's or Infuse's fault?

With 5.2 installed and using NFS, I tried to run a movie in 4K 2160p encoded with h265. The Remux file weights around 60gb. The infuse app on the Apple TV was not able to run it smothly. In fact, barely couldn’t move the frames.

The file is stored on a Synology NAS. Both the NAS and the Apple TV are Ethernet connected to the router.

Will this performance improve in upcoming versions or is it the Apple TV which can’t “move” the movie?


you should try Wireless. ATV4 only comes with 100Mbps Ethernet, while Wireless AC or N 5Ghz easily gets 300Mbps.

As far as I know Infuse doesn’t support H265 for today. This option only in plans:

And more over, I’m not sure that ATV supports 4K at all… But it should be checked additionally…