Apple TV4K Keeps Removing Metadata

Every time I go to use my Apple TV4K, I get a message that due to space shortage on the device, the metadata has been deleted. I then have to go through the processes of rebuilding it, which takes time. Last time it happened I cleared down lots of apps from the device, it is also the larger storage model.

It makes it almost impossible to just launch the app to watch something, instead everyone has to wait around for the rebuilding process to complete.

I’ve checked the storage used by individual apps and nothing jumps out. Any thoughts about what could be suddenly making this happen? Oh, I have deleted Infuse and re-installed it, made no difference.


It seems that some of the big culprits are the screen savers if you have them set to download frequently. Along with those it also seems that any app that maintains a program guide like netflix, channels, hulu, etc all seem to eat up space rapidly.

How big is your library? I don’t know what the magic numbers are that would push the limits of storage space but with some users connecting to remote mega servers it may become an issue.

I’ve turned off the downloads of new screen savers and culled my apps down to only a handful with no other streaming apps and knock on wood, I’ve not encountered the need to rebuild. This is on 32 GB models.

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And of course tvOS 16 will take up space until downloaded although only as of yesterday

My library is about 14TB split between Google and PCloud. The metadata size is only showing as 118MB after re-installation (used to be 2GB). I’ll look at switching off screen saver downloads. The biggest data hog seems to be Paramount+ at 281MB so nothing major.

If you’re checking storage in the Settings menu, this will only show the actual app size (from the App Store).

Apps can download and cache more data than what is reflected here, so it can be tricky to get a real sense or how much space is actually being used by what apps.

Of course, as @munpip214 mentioned, downloading tvOS 16 will take up quite a bit of space to download and install.

In my experience with my late 32GB Apple TV, I needed to keep at least 5-7GB free for it to not clear cache. Fwiw I managed to do this screensavers downloading regularly.

This is a 64GB Apple TV4K (previous model). I’ve disabled screensaver downloads so will monitor.

Unfortunately I’ve come across another issue with 4K HDR picture now being duller than I remember. I’ve tried quite a bit of content and all seems to exhibit this dullness. If I play the same film streamed from Apple TV+ it looks gorgeous not dull.

I’ll investigate further as Infuse has always been very colour accurate up until now. I have recently wired the Apple TV directly into my receiver (NAD T777) rather than into the TV and use eARC. Maybe the NAD has introduced something.

Cheers for the help and advice.