Apple tv4k consider to buy

Good day all,

Since i changed all my multimedia system to 4K standards i still can’t find proper media player to replace my dune 303D.

Accidently i found out about infuse app in tvOS. This is good call! I’m ready to buy ATV4K and even more it will suit my apple eco system. But main features of media player for me its to play videos.

Can you please confirm what 99% of codecs support by infuse pro?
Does it play uhdbd4k.iso/folders?
Uhdbd4k remux
And so on?

Does it update cover art automatically for downloaded content?

Any bugs/problems with reading content trough infuse?

Best Regards!

Infuse supports 4K HDR10 HEVC videos in most any container.

MKV is a very common one, but support for 4K BDMV and ISO files was just added in the 5.6.1 update, so Infuse will play these without any conversion.

H265 also?

Basically it can read everything like an old dune303D? Apologies for mention dune again, but its perfect for 1080p multimedia setup.

If yes, then i see myself 300% going to the shop

Yes, both h.264 and h.265 are supported. :slight_smile:


Hope someone whi have ab idea about dune device could comment and compare