Apple TV4k Black Screen with sound 4K HDR source

This may be silly but after reading some other tech news, do your ATV screen savers display correctly when the ATV goes to sleep?

I PM’d this already, but for posterity, I have not had issues with the ATV screen savers.

I received the new cable and got the same black screen (beautiful cable btw).

Before I went to bed I ran the 4K 12bit Hevc TrueHD file through Handbreak and made a version that was was 10bit instead of 12bit. The 10bit file plays without issue in Infuse. Plex server is "direct play"ing it.

I also went back and retested the Fiber 50’ cable and got an image instead of a black screen.

So, 12bit worked before. I specifically did a handful of 12bit test files with the current setup. And then applied that strategey to the rest of my 4K library. Now 12bit doesn’t work.

Have I not found the correct cable, is the ATV borked, or does Infuse not support 4K 12bit Hevc TrueHD files?

(Thanks to everyone who has helped so far)

For a little context; I’m due to renew my Infuse license, and I’m moving into a new home this month. Besides the playback issue being a roadblock, it also will drive if I renew Infuse, and what my future hardware setup will be in the new house. :slight_smile:

Can you post mediainfo on one of your files? In general I think movies are 10-bit for hdr10 and 12-bit for some Dolby vision. My guess is that since Apple TV only supports single layer profile 5 Dolby vision that it only supports a max of 10 bits so Apple TV is limited to 10 bits max for all content.

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Your exceeding some sort of limit. HDR doesn’t support 10bit. 12bit is reserved for Dolby vision. I don’t believe apple supports 12bit in any form. Additionally there aren’t any tv panels out there that support 12bit.

Keep everything 10bit.

Here’s the mediainfo on the file. All my 4K content is in this format:

It’s definitely your 12bit content. Why 12 bit? All UHD blurays are 10bit.

Endgame wasn’t Dolby vision so it should only 10 bit. Are you ripping these yourself or getting them from somewhere? Also I’m surprised you wouldn’t have Dolby atmos in the file as well

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Both my LG C9 and the ATV 4K gen5 support Dolby Vision.

It does feel like I’m exceeding some limit.

12bit worked at the time on my system, and I was just learning. I’m learning now, that was the wrong avenue.

Thanks everyone.
tldr: 10bit is the cap. Everything else is irrelevant. If you’re over the cap, your content will likely not play.

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Maybe the next ATV revision will support 12bit?

We can hope but considering that there aren’t 12 bit panels it doesn’t seem too likely. And if it isn’t needed for streaming Apple probably won’t spend the extra effort. I think we can probably expect them take features from existing iOS/ iPadOS devices. So if an iPad Pro has a 12 bit display maybe. But also maybe a future one would be able to read 12-bit but only output 10

As long as it still makes a decent cup of coffee I’ll buy the next version too.

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