Apple TV4k Black Screen with sound 4K HDR source

Infuse Pro 6 6.5.2 (3282)
Apple TV 4k (18J411) (5th generation)
Media: MKV H265 HEVC 12bit, TrueHD Audio
Cable: CABLEDECONN 8K HDMI Optic 50ft, B00VI3N3NY
Receiver: Denon AVR-X1600H

I’d like to preface this with “it did work”.

All was fine, and now I cannot play 4K content through the Infuse App. I’ve factory reset the AppleTV a couple of times, removed and reinstalled the Infuse App a couple times. I also incrementally dropped the video quality coming out of the AppleTV from 4K HDR to 1080 SDR using the same source media. Each time the playback works, I see the HDR logo in the upper right corner, I hear the audio fine, and the subtitles work. Just the screen is black.

I also tried some random HDMI cables I had around the house, same result. And took the Denon receiver out of the loop and connected the AppleTV direct to the TV, same result. I checked my Plex server, which is running well. It’s dual 12core Xeons. If needed it can transcode 4K or anything I throw at it.

Any suggestions? ~Thanks

AppleTV settings:
Format: 4K HDR
Chroma: 4:2:2 (have also tried 4:2:0)
Match Dynamic Range: Yes
Match Frame Rate: Yes
*Network connection is wired

Oh, forgot to mention, everything else plays fine. All other content using the Infuse App plays great.

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Do you have the Match Content turned on for both range and frame rate in the ATV settings?

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Yes, both on.

You may want to list your other Video settings in the ATV settings also. That may help

I added the AppleTV video settings to the original post

Have you run the Check HDMI connection ?

Yes. Comes out good each time.

I’m assuming your running from the ATV to the Denon and from there to the TV. You may want to go from the ATV to the TV as a test. I have a Denon also and I had it get grumpy a few times and had to tweak things a bit to get it back on track with video.

I tried that as a test, going from AppleTV to LGC9, then eARC back to Denon for audio only. Same black screen result. For testing, I have it connected direct to the TV right now.

Since I’m pretty much a neophyte when we get into some of the chroma and range matching I’ll let some of the more experienced folks jump in.

I’m sure someone will have some other ideas.

I will add, even with having to tweak the Denon a bit I also had to go through about 4 HDMI cables to get it stable.

Did you try different inputs on the tv?

I’ve tried two HDMI inputs on the TV

While it’s possible it’s the cable, I don’t think it’s the real crux of the issue. Using that 4K source, but dropping the output of the AppleTV to 1080SDR, still yeilds a black screen. But native 1080SDR plays fine.

As a test, I downloaded the windows Plex desktop app and played the same video. The app is able to direct play the content HEVC+TrueHD. I also tried the Plex app on the AppleTV. It doesn’t want to direct play (typical Plex problems, which is why I use InFuse). However, it does transcode fine. So the server is able to direct play and transcode the same file over the network. Check.

Looking at the Plex server, I can play both at the same time (Plex desktop Infuse AppleTV). Both direct play.

The server, is serving up the data fine.

Update: I installed the Infuse app for my iphone8 and was able to direct play the same file over wifi.

Another test; I created a share on my desktop and copied the same media to the share. Using the InFuse app and playing direct from that share, same black screen.

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The original fiber cable is 50’. I’ve since then tried two different 6’ cables, and a 1.5’ cable. Each direct to the TV. All the same black screen. I also just ordered this cable; it should arrive tomorrow.

@munpip214 Netflix 4K works.
I also just set up a share on my main PC, then installed the VLC app on the AppleTV. The app barely can play the file, but it does. Very strange. I’m running the same file through handbrake with the same settings but 10bit instead of 12bit to see if it makes a difference. Will be a real shame if that’s what fixes it. It was working at 12bit before, and I based my library on those working settings. I’ll have to re-transcode all my 4K media if that’s the case.

What’s the total length of all cables tried?

4K streaming content work okay, ie tv app, Netflix, etc?