Apple TV3 how can I play my movie library


I have an Apple TV3 and have been patiently waiting on a jailbreak. Unfortunately my patience is now getting thin and I have decided to look at other options. Is there any way I can convert or stream movies from my PC to ATV3 either via itunes or some other method. I have tried handbrake but it takes ages and uses alot of my laptops resources. Can anyone please help me or give me hope on a jailbreak. I know ATV3 could be so much more and I really hope I havent bought the wrong box. Should I have bought BOXEE.


Thanks in anticipation

Until the ATV3 is jailbroken the only way it will ever play movies that are on your PC is if they are in iTunes. That’s it, I’m afraid. There are loads of utilities for converting to iTunes format for both PC and Mac. If anything, the selection is better for PC. But if your machine struggles with Handbrake I doubt there will be many other utilities that can do it with less resources; then again perhaps someone that knows more about the nitty gritty of conversion can help you set up Handbrake or whatever more effectively for the content you’re converting?

I don’t know anything about Boxee, or your setup, or what you ultimately want from such a box, but if all you want to do is stream non-iTnes-friendly movies from your computer and Boxee can do that… Well… Yeah I guess it would suit you better.

Having said all that, ATV Flash Black on a jailbroken ATV2 is all kinds of lovely, especially if you have a mac-based setup at home like we do. Dunno how long you’ll be waiting for ATV3 jailbreak, it’s been an inordinately long time coming so far, Apple must have properly locked it down this time, :frowning:

Thanks for your response. I will try the conversion route for now while I wait on the jailbreak. Hopefully I won’t have to wait to long.

If you have one of the newer Mac’s, you can also try Airplay Mirroring from your Mac (OS X Mountain Lion needed). Then, no conversion is necessary saving you a bunch of time. I believe Mac Airplay can do full 1080p. Not sure about the sound - will be probably stereo and not 5.1 surround. \

Since I don’t have a newer Mac, I can’t test and confirm.


i am currently using Plex on my iPhone and iPad to stream via Airplay to my APPLE TV3 and it works to perfection.  I am streaming 8 and 12 gig movies with no problem.

Take a look at “Air Video” from the App Store.

I like the AirVideo solution, but does that not require a PC running 24/7? 

Dear davyrobo,

I use AirParrot ( to mirror any videos to my Apple TV3. It is very simple to use. On your mac: open your video with VLC and select Apple TV and VLC mirroring in AirParrot.

It just works fine with VLC. Unfortunatly AirParrot does not work with Plex. 

Good luck!

How do you control VLC?

VLC Remote App from my iPhone.

I read that you prefer AirVideo, eninety2. I used a lot when I had an old PC running the old Windows XP. It worked fine.

But on my iMac, I prefer AirParrot + VLC than AirVideo.