Apple TV2

Hello everyone,

I need help,

I have apple tv 2, and it was jail broken, but week ago my son did something, now I think he upgraded from ITUNE site,

Now I am not able to jail break,

Each time I tried I get this message.

Entering DFU mode
This device is not supported by Seas0npass.
Please help, Thank you in advance.


Hi Mtlguy,

Let me try and help you here.

First please tell me what version you are running on your Apple TV. To check this simply go to Setting < General < About (You should see the Firmware there)

If your device is updated to the latest version from iTunes, thats not a problem. We can restore back version 5.3 which is Untethered.

Once I know your version I can give you a step by step guide on how to revert back.

Hope to hear from you soon.