Apple TV2 with 5.0

Is it possible to upgrade from Apple TV2 with software version 5.0 that require tethered jailbreake to one of the versions where unthethered jailbreake is possible? (5.0.1 / 5.0.2 / 5.1 / 5.1.1 / 5.2) and not end up with the current version of 5.2.1 where no jailbreake is available yet?
Regards Aage

Unless you have saved blobs for those version,  you have to stay on 5.0

Is sn0wbreeze and ifaith a possible solution ??

not i am aware of…  I wish I could do that.

What you can do without doing any harm to your atv2 is use iFaith to see which shsh blobs you have stored on the Cydia server.  Some jailbroken atv2 automatically checks and stores for shsh blobs or cydia checks itself if you uploaded blobs there once. 

In any case, if iFaith finds blobs stored on Cydia for say 5.2, follow the post from AppleTVGuru.

If you do not find any new shsh blobs, stop right there, and tethered boot right back into 5.0

However I agree ifmx3.  If you have no need to upgrade it now, I wouldn’t go through the hassel, as there is always a risk you’ll be stuck.

The Apple TV2 with software version 5.0 tis not jailbroken before. I have another that is sucsessfylly jailbroken.

A couple of stupid questions: what is shsh blobs ? …and whre do I find it? Should I have saved something when I jailbroke last time?


Can i jailbreake aTV 2 with 5.0 software?

Theoritically you can jailbreak it to tethered 5.0. However, I am not able to jailbreak it even to tethered.  Snowbreeze won’t even read the IPSW file.

My friend just brought two Apple TV2, one is 5.1.1 and second is 5.2 firmware and I cannot jailbreak normally like I did month ago. Both coming up as a 3194 error message.