Apple tv2 with 4.2.2 (iOS 4.3 - 8F305)

Okay my sisters have an apple tv that I gave them a long time ago with the 4.2.2 software and untethered jailbreak.  Looking at the latest seasonpass thread, I’m now able to upgrade that box to a 5.3 untethered jailbreak?

yes you can. just download the latest seas0npass and follow the direction. Please take note that it will erase your current xbmc settings and addons.


no problem at all, thanks for the reply.  I’ll jump on it today.

Okay I notice a few things when trying to upgrade that is different from the instructions…

1st its asking for my device in order to download the firmware (I’ve downloaded thet restore ipsw separately and put it in the seasons pass download folder).

Then it goes through the update process but at the very end I get a restore fail message.

Note:  I tried doing my sisters remotely by teamviewer and performing most of the actions until she had to plug the device by usb cable.  No success with her so I tried my own with a later firmware and the results above is what I got.

are you using a mac or windows? Latest version of seas0npass needs device connected to pc/mac.


using a laptop with Windows 7 for mine and the same for my sisters.

You just need to open seas0npass and connect to create ipsw and it will proceed with the 5.3 untethered jb.

Got both of them done, it was simply following the instructions.  My problem was I was selection the 5.3 release which was causing problems.