Apple TV2 Update 6.0 jailbreak

I have an apple TV that’s had the recent 6.0 update on it and I’ve tried to jailbreak it but to no avail. I have another ATV2 that is on 5.02 jailbroken but can’t save the SHSH blobs from that to use on the newer one. Can anyone help me so I can jailbreak the new one? Is there a jailbreak for the new update yet??

No. Not for 6.0

Even though there’s no jailbreak available for version 6.0 you can still jailbreak it on version 5.3 (at the moment).  You cannot use shsh blobs from one device to jailbreak another device.

I’ve tried jailbreaking it using 5.3 but it doesn’t work any help would be appreciated

Use a PC. 

The newest version of Seasonpass is as useless on the MAC as was version 9.3.

Based on James speaking to some new improvments, I tried to save signatures and jailbrake a 5.2 last night using the new SP 9.4 on my RMP.

I batted 100%:  I couldn’t save the signatures and the IPSW creation failed.  Experiement over.

My crappy old PC handled the signatures and the jailbreak in one pass without an issue.


Thanks my wife’s got an old windows laptop will give it a go later and let you know the results

You CAN (for now), downgrade an ATV2 6.0 to 5.3, and then do a tethered JB, using the instructions in the other posts.

You will probably get a number of 1604 errors, and “This device doesn’t support Seas0nPass” errors. but it will work.

I am working on downgrading a 6.1.4 install to 5.3 Tethered JB even as we speak.  I have the unit downgraded to 5.3 (thi sone involved using a different PC than my stock JBer).  Now I am trying to JB it.  It is having trouble downloading the DFU device driver.


Thanks for all the help I manage to downgrade it from 6.0 to 5.3 on a tethered JB. Also the xfinity add ons from Mickey1234 using talk wizard is pretty awesome too

Again many thanks using a windows laptop instead of my MacBook worked like a charm

Hi there,


Could you please help me to downgrade it from  6.0.1 (6646.80.1)

All help much appreciated.






Were you able to downgrade your Apple TV 2 from 6.0 to 5.3?  Do any of your guys have any instructions on how to downgrade?  Any help will be greatly appreciated :-).

I downgraded from 6.0 to 5.3 by using a windows systems and not my MacBook. I used seas0npass and right clicked the create button and selected 5.3. It went through no problems