Apple TV2 unstable with Kodi Please help reverting back to XBMC without success

I have started the installation from scratch

1- Jail brake ATV2 using Firecore. Version on ATV2 is 5.3 (6105)
2- Using Nitotv I installed XBMC gothom because KODI is not stable due to memory size of ATV2
3- The issue that I have fusion installer for XBMCHUB is not longer available. So I had no choice to install
4- Most of the add ons naturally give me a version check error because they are running on XBMC instead of KODI, but I don’t really care because I can use 1Channel to watch movies.
5- 1Channel also has the same problem and when I start a movie the ATV2 crashed and restarts.

this is really frustrating, does anyone know a combination that works?


Don’t use kodi use PlexConnect.

Thanks dubz,

Do you know if Plexconnect has the same install utilities for add-on installation. Or do I have to do that manually. Will let you know if this works.


Plex (PlexConnect) is different, there is channels that are used. Official ones from Plex and Unofficial ones that can be installed using the unsupported App Store v2.