Apple TV2 stuck in reboot loop with Infuse installed

My Apple TV 2 (black) has been working fine the last couple years and then last night it decided to randomly reboot and it just kept rebooting.
The lights on the aTV2 would flash 3-4 times, I’d get the loading screen (white spinning wheel) and it would do it all over again.

I SSH’d into the aTV2 and rand the command “apt-get remove beigelist”, followed by “apt-get autoremove” and it removed a bunch of stuff.
I then ran "apt-get install beigelist com.nito.nitotv"and the aTV2 booted normally now. It no longer had Infuse installed so I ran “apt-get install com.firecore.infuse” to install it, and it went right back into the reboot loop. As soon as I uninstalled it again (apt-get remove com.firecore.infuse) it was fine again.

I’ve had to install Kodi to be able to watch my movies for now but I’d really like to get Infuse to work again.

Apple TV 5.3
aTV Flash (black) 2.5

Thank you.

I had this same issue, and had to restore the Apple TV and aTV Flash in order to get it to work again.

An inevitable downside of using a jailbroken product is things never work quite the same way.