Apple tv2 says too little memory and reboots with 720p video



I have the latest versions, the videofile is mkv. I can play for about a minute, and then it prompts about a fault in playback, then memory, and then it reboots itself.

I am using Plex and Plex is also the only software I have installed except the ones that were pre-installed.


Please help.



Unfortunately Plex is known to be a memory hog, so you’re best option may be to remove Plex and use Media Player instead.

Alright I’ll give that a go, thanks.

Well the issue I have with the Media Player is that whenever I play a 720p MKV file, it buffers for 5 sec (Plex didnt at all) and then it just makes noise instead of playing the audiotrack, whilst the videotrack goes on as normal.


Any other option that actually works good and looks good?

Is your AppleTV connected to an AV receiver or just a TV? If connected to a TV you may check to ensure the AC3 and DTS options are disabled in the Media --> Settings menu.