Apple TV2 running firmware 4.0!!!!


I’ve got an Apple TV 2 that I’d like to jailbreak, my problem is that it’s running firmware version 4.0…!

I’ve downloaded various IPSWs and tried to ‘restore’ through iTunes but from what I have read the reason this wont work is that I haven’t got the relevant ShSh, as although I’ve changed my host file I get the ‘your device cannot be verified…’ message.

My question is can I jailbreak this device or have I missed the boat because the firmware is too old? Obviously I could update to 5.2.1 but there is no jailbreak available for that yet - do I have any other options?

Even trying the IPSW for version 4.4 throws up the same Apple error.

Any help massively appreciated! I desperately want aTV Flash running!


Yes same here, iv looked all over the net, and cant find anything Pls Help Us