apple tv2 error 14

Hi all

 worst luck ever  just received an apple tv unjailbroken and when I plugged it in to check it out the latest update started loading. At the same time I received an email say don’t do the latest update! I paniced and unplugged the power cord hoping the upload would stop and cancel.Boy was I wrong, it told me to plug into itunes and run a factory default. I did and I got error -1. It said to try to install to factory defaults a couple nore time and if that dosent work contact Apple. I tried about 4-5 time same error. updated itunes and ran it again and now I get error 14.Help!

fixed it! Used differt cable and worked! Software is now 6.0.1 Can that be Jail broked?

No - the latest version that can be jailbroken is 5.3 (and that is a tethered jailbreak).  I have not see any news yet of a jailbreak for the 6.x series firmware although hopefully it is not too far off.

I believe Apple are still signing 5.3 if you want to revert to that for jailbreaking purposes.