Apple TV

I am having some problems with jailbreaking my Apple TV. I have tried a lot but now im just lost.


I have the following listed on the settings on the Apple TV: 4.2.2(2203)

If I understand it correct its only PwnageTool that can jailbreak this version or what?





Seas0nPass can jailbreak the latest 4.2.2 software. Just be sure you are using the latest version.

Actually … 2203 can not only not be jailbroken, it cannot be upgraded using the restore or reset buttons or through iTunes.
Anyone have a solution for that? I’m willing to pay! ;$

I just bought my Apple TV last week and ran into quite a few issues jailbreaking it.  Most of them were my fault for not reading the directions right.  The only real problem was the iTunes kept telling me the restore was unsuccessful.  Eventually I just ignored the error, restared the aTV, and all was well.