Apple TV won't stop flashing/won't work


I went to update to the current version on flash (black) after using it for over a year.


After performing a tethered jailbreak using Seasonpass I connected my Apple TV 2 to my TV as instructed.


After displaying the Apple logo the Apple TV will then display nothing and the front light will flash.


It’s been doing for over 5 minutes and a menu hasn’t loaded.


Any advice would be great - I am hoping it hasn’t been bricked.

After the final tethering the ATV CANNOT be powered down (do not unplug power). You’ll have to do the final tethering again (takes 10 seconds) but this time keep it plugged into an outlet.


Thanks for replying - at which point do you mean if I’m referencing these steps?     

You’ll need to hook the appletv to the power cord and follow the instructions by seas0npass for an tethered boot.


Thanks. Sorry I’m really new at this - so on that above link I can only install using the tethered boot - not ‘Create IPSW’?


Does this mean I will have to do this every time I use the Apple TV? And if so - if there a way I can downgrade? I hope I haven’t made a huge mistake…

No, you only redo it if power is lost to the ATV (some have said if it goes into sleep mode they have to retether it), I keep mine on all the time.


You won’t be able to downgrade unless you saved the blobs before upgrading.


Since you wrote that you used flash black before then there may by a chance you have saved blobs. If you do then a downgrade is possible.


Great… Any idea where I can find these if that’s the case?


Thanks once again.

I’ve only been doing this for a week so I’m a novice too.


You can use iFaith to see if your device has any blobs associated with it. (the blobs are stored in the cloud). If it does then you can… That’s where my knowledge ends. I believe once you find out what blob version number was saved then you start up Seasonpass, right click create ipsw, choose that blobs firmware version and let seasonpass do it’s job.


Read through some of the threads while your waiting for a better answer. Somewhere here you find the answer.


Great! Any idea where I can find iFaith?

google “iFaith” I think the latest one is  v1.5.6 or 1.5.7, either will do. Once running select “show available shsh” to see what you have.