Apple TV wont start up when External HD is plugged in

My Atv works fine, but when I plug in my external hd it does not see it anywhere. If I run smart installer it just freezes with the Apple Logo on the screen and sits there, if I unplug the external drive it starts up just fine. Any ideas?

What type of files are on your external drive? Any system files?

Nope… I plugged it into my computer and it reads just like this…

Hmmm ok. Some drives do ‘prefer’ to be connected after the AppleTV is powered on, but preventing the AppleTV from starting up is rather strange.

If you wait until the AppleTV menu appears to connect the drive is it visible through the nitoTV → Files menu?

I have the same issue. If I disconnect my HDD from the USB port then it starts. I always leave my aTV on now. After I disconnected the HDD and then plug it in it works. Only mounting takes some minutes.

what causes NITO TV to not recognize an external hard drive when XMBC does?

I’m having the same issue. The ATV appears to be attempting to boot off the external HDD? I have to wait until the full ATV menu is loaded before plugging in the drive.

Formatted my HD from FAT32 to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and everything is good now. ATV boots with HD plugged in. File selection is much, much faster as well.