apple tv won't recognise usb drive

I.m on 3.0.2 first gen apple tv, completed usb stick. Firecore logo doesnt come on apple tv boots as normal ??? what am i doing wrong

I am having the same issue.  Someone please help

It’s likely a USB specific issue. Do you have an alternate drive you can try using?

format as fat and it will wrk

Some cheap older USB keys don’t work all the time, you get get a new one for $5 almost anywhere.

If you downloaded ATV Flash on your PC and then transfer it to the USB drive in order to install it on the Apple TV, after doing that you would need to “initilize”, format, again the USB drive, then connect it to the Apple TV and it should work. Instrctuctions of Fire Core are very poor. 

Hi Everyone,

I have the same problem. I downloaded aTV Flash on a Mac (10.8.4). Installed into the Application folder. I used an newly formated USB stick of 4 GB.

I lanched aTV Flash, followed the instructions, downloaded a new file. The USB stick has been made. I didn’t get ny errors.

The USB stick won’t work on the Apple TV 1st gen.

I tried to format the USB stick in serveral ways, without any succes.

Is there some one who can explain what I do wrong? 

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Hi I am also having similar problem, i have redone the jailbreak which seemed to work fine, showing FC logo on screen, after first time but not second but my problem comes in where the USB drive is not read via the micro USB cable when I try install the aTV. it doesn’t seem to pick it up? And also then, when I try to see what is on the flashdrive my pc does not pick it up anymore? PLEASE HELPPPPP!!!