Apple TV Won't iCloud Sync with OneDrive

Hi everyone, I saw that others have similar issues but haven’t found any solutions that worked for me. Not sure if this is just a bug or something I’m doing wrong.

I’m trying to add my OneDrive to Infuse 7 on my Apple TV via iCloud sync but I’m having trouble. I’ve followed the instructions and added my OneDrive to Infuse using the Mac OS app on my computer, and have made sure I’m signed in to iCloud on both devices and have iCloud drive enabled on my Mac OS, but none of my OneDrive content is appearing on my Apple TV Infuse 7 app. It does sync on my iPad though. I’ve tried restarting all devices, turning syncing on and off on both devices, making sure I’m default user on my Apple TV, I’m totally stumped. Can anybody advise? I’m not extremely well-versed with these things so if there’s something simple I might be missing, please let me know. Thanks!

Infuse 7.3.1
Mac OS 12.0.1
Apple TV OS 15.1.1

Does the OneDrive connection appear on the Apple TV if you navigate to Infuse > Settings > Shares?

If so, you’ll want to add at least one Favorite from the OneDrive share and that will appear on the home screen.

It does not appear, all I see is “Other” and my Macbook Pro

Just bumping before I give up! Thanks :slight_smile:

On the Apple TV, are you signed in with the default user account?

yes I am

Did the OneDrive share appear automatically on your iOS device, or was it added manually?

On your Mac, can you check to ensure iCloud Drive is enabled, and Infuse is enabled as well. This can be found in System Preferences > Apple ID > iCloud

Also, just to double-check you will want to ensure your Apple ID is specifically listed as the Default User on Apple TV. We’ve seen a few cases where someone has had only a single user setup on the Apple TV, but this was not listed as Default (not exactly sure how this happens).

Lastly, clicking on the Default User, you will want to confirm the same Apple ID is listed under iCloud as you are using for iCloud on your Mac (some people - including myself - use different Apple IDs for iCloud and the App Store).

Thanks so much for your help but I already had these settings - I appreciate you trying! The OneDrive share appeared on my iOS device when I went to add files > add… > add onedrive and logged in

Can you check to ensure you are running Infuse 7.3.2 on all devices (scroll to the bottom of Infuse > Settings).

Which version of iOS, tvOS, macOS are you using?

I had to update my macOS Infuse to 7.3.2 several hours ago but no change. Both my iPad and iPhone (content has populated on both of those) are running infuse 7.3.2.

macOS - 12.1
iOS (iPhone) - 15.2.1
iOS (iPad) - 15.2.1
tvOS - 15.2

(all updated since first post, no change yet)

Ahh I figured it out!! I freed up some space in my iCloud and as soon as I did that, OneDrive appeared under Shares. Thanks for your help anyway :slight_smile:

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