Apple TV with Ssd no internet

Is it possible to use Infuse on Apple TV with a SSD connected but no WiFi or internet at all but still be able to watch films that are on the Ssd

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Sorry but the ATV isn’t geared for connecting a drive to it and serve files to apps.
you could find a wireless router that supports attached drives and offers a server option like SMB.

To clarify, some portable SSD drives have the ability to create their own Wi-Fi network.

If this is available on the drive you have you would be able to access and play videos stored there.

Of course, some features like metadata fetching, subtitle downloads, and iCloud/Trakt sync would not be available.

I’d also recommend the standalone Infuse Pro 6 app (instead of the in-app purchase in Infuse 6) for using Infuse without internet access.

Thanks much appreciated