apple TV will not work after tethered JB with 4.4.4 firmware and aTV Flash 1.1.1`

Following the online instructions, for tethered JB with latest firmware. Then did a tethered boot, then installed aTV Flash Black 1.1.1

All working, install everything via maintenance  but need to move aTV to media room, not next to my Mac. So put it to sleep, and replug it in to my TV.

That is when I get the quick flashing light on the front of the Apple TV, and the 'plug into ITunes" symbol.

Have gone through the same process twice now, with same results. Thoughts?


This is a tethered jailbreak, you have to tether it and boot it. 

To clarify, I did the tethered jailbreak, then booted via the tethered boot, it then says remove USB, attach HDMI before flashing ends. Did this. Then launched install aTV program; found apple TV on network via ethernet connection. Loaded aTV black software, end using the maintenance feature, added the extra functionality of aTV black software. 'Restarted apple tv several times after each software install, as required. Then tried to power down the apple tv to move it back to its home next to the tv, attaching the power cord, cat5e,and hdmi cables. That is when the unit only flashes quickly and shows the plug into iTunes logo.
Do I understand from the post, that the apple tv can not be powered down after performing the tethered jailbreak? 

That is correct, the tethered boot means you cannot remove power after booting unless you want to repeat the tethered boot

YEs that is correct, I you can not remove power. So in my case I had to go stand next to the TV and aTV with my laptop and tethered and booted it again. however I realised several plug ins dont work with 4.4.4, so I reflashed it to 4.4.3. Every thing works plus it is an untethered jailbreak. i will just wait for them to get an untethered jailbreak before I upgrade to 4.4.4. The only thing I miss is the mirroring, so not a big deal when I am busy with aTV!

Hi, I have also problem with the installation. I have 4.4.4 firmware and ATV Flash 1.1.1.
When installing when it comes to Check version, so I kick message "Oops, the ATV flash installer can not proceed. He says I’m connected to the internet or I have an outdated version of ATV Flash:-(