Apple TV will not stay in DFU mode

I have been trying to JB my ATV2 with 4.4.4 untethered and am having trouble when the hand-off happens between seas0npass and iTunes. I enter DFU mode (either normally, or via iReb DFU assist) and seas0npass detects, uploads the .dfu and then asks if I want iTunes to automatically restore the ATV. I click yes, and the ATV drops out of DFU mode (light stops blinking fast and just blinks slowly). iTunes opens just the AppleTV isn’t in the list as it’s not in DFU. I  try to again go into DFU  and I get error 1600.


Another way I tried was to open iTunes, use iReb (or just enter DFU normally) and then try and restore back to standard 4.4.4 un-jailbroken. What I get is the ATV dropping out of DFU and I’m stuck at “Verifying Restore with Apple” and it just hangs there forever and the ATV is blinking slowly.


Any input on this? What I really just want to do is find a way to restore back to factory and start over fresh as I think i’ve done something with the previous JB.



Have you ever used TinyUmbrella? You could have entries in the HOSTS file redirecting the requests. Also what about another cable or another computer?


I was having issues for days flashing the 4.4.4 untethered until I commented everything out relating to Apple in the HOSTS file and all seemed to be ok and restored without problems.

Apple will kick the device out of DFU and into Recovery and then into Normal mode during the restore process I have noticed.

Are you using VMWare fusion or Parallels on a Mac by chance?