apple tv USB port specifications ?

Does anyone happen to know the port specs for he apple tv USB?

Specifically, I am interested in using the Oyen 640GB External 2.5-in USB Powered Mini Portable Hard Drive. I have been told that it requires 800 mA to power up, and then drops to 500 mA when reading/writing.

Can the apple tv USB provide that at a minimum?

Or is there a list of self-powered USB external drives that are known to work with the apple tv?

Thanks in advance for any insight or assistance.

Apple USB ports typically supply 500mA of current and no more, that’s USB spec and the AppleTV is no exception. If your USB device consumes more than 500mA, it will be current limited and most likely not work correctly.

Options are to either get a powered USB hub that can provide the 800mA you need, or get a different USB drive that needs less Amps.

You risk damage to your usb-port if you try to use this device with only one usb-port.

A powered USB hub would be the best option if you already own the drive.