Apple TV - URL (x-callback-url) Schemes


Does anyone know if URL schemes work on ATV? I absolutely love the media player built into this app, but the library management is clunky and hard to work with as it seems impossibly slow to sync a library into the app.

Therefore I am thinking of writing my own library management tool that can then interface with the Infuse 7 app via the URL schemes to play a URL link.

It would be good to know if the ATV app accepts the same URL scheme the iOS app does, but the documentation on this ( has iOS in brackets on the title.

If the URL schemes are not available on ATV, is there a reason for this? I cannot think of a coding reason this would not be possible, or different to iOS for that matter.




Hi! Any news about URL Schemes on ATV? Tried yesterday and it does not work.

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This is a suggestion for addition to Infuse since it’s not currently supported.

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Hi all,

I have been trying to stream some video URLs I have on an app I am currently developing by using Infuse and the ‘x-callback-url’ protocol, however, it looks like tvOS does not support this scheme at all. Could you please confirm this, and if this is case, could you please make it work?

Thanks a lot!

I have a weird setup where my library is not local so I am used to stream direct urls and this setup is working with vlc on apple tv. If i want to stream a direct link on infuse without using same apple id on infuse iphone, whats the option. I love the underlying infuse player and was wondering if
would work as this works in ios and stream starts playing. How to achieve this in apple tv.

This feature isn’t currently available but I moved your post to a currently running suggestion thread requesting this feature.

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One more usecase where this would help.

Lets say I have a streaming http link which I have on my phone or is shared to me. As soon as I share it, there is an app currently in testflight which can take this url and open this on Apple TV. Now if infuse supports opening apps this way (infuse://x-callback-url/play?url=<url_path>), we are done. This way we can achieve playable streams which we might not have to add to library. I wish this gets added soon. Thanks!!
More details:

I mean why not doing this? Seems pretty simple and opens up a lot of possibilities.