Apple TV Upgrades

On a previous upgrade of aTVFlash, I selected the option to not allow Apple TV to automatically upgrade. I presently have AppleTV version 2.2, which I cannot manually upgrade to ver.2.3. When the upgrade is attempted, a message is displayed that there is not a newer version. Until I resolve this issure, I am unable to install aTVFlash 3.4.3. An Apple support site post suggests that there is a line of code that must be modified. Can someone offer insight into this issue?

In versions 3.3.5 and later there is an update on/off toggle switch located in the ‘Maintenance’ menu. If you have an older version, you can do the following.

The easiest way would be to create a 3.4.3 flash drive with the auto-update disabling option DE-SELECTED. Install the aTV Flash software onto the Apple TV as before. This will re-enable the auto-update, so you can upgrade to the 2.3 Apple TV software.

Once you have the 2.3 software installed, the same flash drive can be used to install the 3.4.3 version.

I have successfully completed both upgrades as per your instructions. Thanks for your prompt attention.