Apple TV upgraded from 5.02 to 5.3 help please

HI Folks Im here again with another issue that I’m not able to resolve on m own, this is after reading and reading and reading every forum i could find. Here is the problem I have an ATV that was jailbroken at 5.02 that was upgraded to 5.3 but firmware 5.2bb4 is saved on the harddrive of this specific device. now my quesiton is can this atv be downgraded back to the unteathered 5.2 or am I stuck I beleive there is a blob assuming that the 5.2 ipsw on the drive is what i need. i Have made several attempts at saving a blob with latest seasonpass and nearly impossible get this stubborn unit into DFU mode for the life of me tried on a pc and a mac and two different usb cables. i was able to get it to the found dfu mode but would quickly say that signature couldnt be saved. if someone could assist or guide me at this point it would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!

have you use ifaith before? it work very well for me.

i am able to backup up all my firmwares.

Never used ifaith before but harddrive does have ispw of device at 5.2. and logged into ifaith and shows different blob revisions available for download not sure if it is safe to proceed?

Since you have 5.2 b lobs it is safe and possible to downgrade to it.


is there a good tutorial on how to downgrade?


I use a PC, if you’re on a MAC it might be slightly different.

  1. Open seasonpass

  2. right-click create ipsw

  3. choose what firmware you want to downgrade to (5.2 in your case)

  4. seasonpass should do the rest


 If you want to see an actual tutorial see How to downgrade Apple TV 2 firmware using Seas0nPass